The Urban Portrait: Learning Through Deliberate Traveling

The Urban Portrait: Learning Through Deliberate Traveling


I know you. You prefer to travel don't you? You have no problem spending your hard earned money on new experiences in new places. Right? Instead of purchasing something that can easily be disposed of, you'd much rather make a priceless memory you can keep with you for decades to come. Or maybe you want to travel, but just haven't done it yet. You've picked a location and date but have never pulled the trigger. Well, you are not alone. Millions of young Americans and people all over the globe feel the same way. They, like you ,want to see the world. But simply arriving in a new place is not enough. There is a skill and strategy required to squeeze every wonderful drop out of your travel experience.

Over the last five years I've gotten opportunities to travel to some incredible places. Each time I learned something new. Not just things like how to book a flight or redeem travel miles (there are already books for that). What I learned was how to engage in the act of traveling - deliberate traveling. In my new E-book, The Urban Portrait: Learning Through Deliberate Traveling, I share my personal experiences and lessons from my educational and professional travels. These lessons have helped me extract the most out of each of my travelling experiences by introducing me to deliberate traveling strategies - methods I continue to improve on to this day. I share these strategies with you because I know they will help you do the same.

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This book will...

  1. teach you how to travel deliberately, with intention and how to get the most from each and every one of your future travel experiences.
  2. show you how to make your own "Urban Portraits" - that is how to properly document and photograph the things you see and encounter during your travels.
  3. motivate you to travel, travel more, and travel farther.
  4. make you a better traveler!