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Terrance Scott

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Marques King

Architectural Designer + Urbanist + Traveler + Language Lover + Wannabe Musician

Washington, D.C.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Marques currently resides in Washington, D.C. working as an architectural and urban designer. Marques has a broad view of the world through his professional and educational travels to places like Italy, Africa, and China. In his leisure time he enjoys improving his Italian speaking skills, sketching, and playing the piano or guitar. Some might see a 'Renaissance Man.' But if you ask him he'd say "I'm just a kid from the east side of Detroit."

The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t, are both right
— Henry Ford

Terrance Scott Jr., Ed.D.

Teacher + School Planter + Educator + Author + Poet + Social Activist

Nashville, TN

Terrance, or TJ as we call him, is now 26 years old. That number is significant because not many people have accomplished as much as he has in such little time. Before even reaching the legal age to rent a car, TJ became a published author, a graduate of the University of Michigan, recipient of a Masters in Education, a husband to his love of 6 years, and still makes it home before the street lights come on. TJ currently resides as Nashville, TN with his wife. He works as a 3rd grade teacher by day and is now officially Dr. Terrance Scott! His focus is on the the social implications that physical environments/neighborhoods have on the education of children.

Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step
— Lao Tzu




Eric Andrews

Property Manager + Neighborhood Developer + Media Producer + Traveller

Detroit, Michigan

Mr. Andrews is looking to pursue his childhood dream of contributing to the redevelopment of Detroit.  As a native of the city, he greatly enjoys and appreciates the European influence, architectural detail and history of Detroit.

His resume includes: four years of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University; chief owner and entrepreneur at The Good Life Collection, LLC - a multi-media production company ranging from photography to website design; Seven years of Property Management experience from new construction, leasing, property management, market analysis, customer service,  demographics, fair housing, curb appeal, corporate outreach; and even a working mentor relationship with Detroit's late urban developer Colin Hubbell before his untimely demise.

He feels deeply that Detroit is a beautiful city that is constantly clouded and over shadowed by negative press. His mission is to put his broad experience and skill set to work to help revamp and revitalize his native city.

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Development Company: Brick and Mortar Detroit



Cierra Seay

Realtor + Investor + Podcaster + Golfer

Detroit, Michigan

Cierra has her hands in a bit of everything: Licensed Realtor in the city of Detroit, Property Investor, and now motivational guru with her latest successful venture, The College Dropout Podcast.

The College Dropout Podcast is an outlet Cierra uses to inspire, empower, and mentor college dropouts who are looking to explore entrepreneurship. On Tuesdays you will hear from entrepreneurs who dropped out of or skipped college and who are now working for themselves. On Thursdays she focuses on some thought provoking maxim to motivate listeners throughout the week. She hosts entrepreneurs from different industries who offer an incredible amount of valuable information listeners can apply in their own journey.

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"SO YOU WANT A PODCAST?: A Simple Guide to Affordable Effective Podcasting", By Cierra Seay, $4.99. Purchase here.